FAW D-sign

Faw D-sign is a company that pretty much knows everything about
custom and specialpaintings. Our very active background concerning
airbrush painting started in the early 1990's.

Through numbers of work and lots of experience our painting processes has
taken its own course. We have an ambitious attitude towards our own work,
and we really want to do everything as well as possible. We also want these
things to be seen in our work.

You could say that we are more "rock" than "classical" painters. Maybe that is why
we are also called the "spooky painters". Eventhough we like to paint skulls and
flames, doesn't mean we don't get interested in other kinds of jobs. Special
painting is always handicraft and that's why it's a good and personal way to differ
from the mass.

If you or your company have a project that you need a special painting, share your
idea with us and let's see if we can fullfill your dreams.

Don't hesitate to contact us, preferably via e-mail.

FAW D-sign Ky
Kivipyykintie 6
01260 Vantaa
E-mail: clinic@faw.fi